Odessa Jews worry about spreading violence

The violence in Odessa, where dozens were killed over the weekend  in clashes between pro-Russian and pro-government forces, has the city's 30,000 Jews on edge. Jewish leaders fear that the violence could take a turn and target their community. Accordingly they have come up with an evacuation plan in case violent anti-Semitism forces Jewss to flee the city. Jerusalem Post: While Jewish community leaders are unanimous in asserting that the violence is unconnected to the Jewish community and that they do not feel specially targeted, they agreed that, should the situation deteriorate, it would be easy for the spillover to affect their constituents. According to Rabbi Refael Kruskal – the head of the Tikva organization, which runs a network of orphanages and schools and provides social services to the city’s elderly – several of the wounded from Friday’s clashes were Jews, and the community is taking all necessary precautions. “Over the...(Read Full Post)