Obama Pegs Benghazi Miles Behind Boston Marathon In Importance

Imagine the outrage among Americans if, after over a year, the Boston bomber(s) had not been identified and apprehended?  There would certainly be charges of gross governmental incompetence. There could be marches and protests, not just in Boston but sympathetically across the nation. Maybe even riots.  Well, it has been almost two years since the deadly assaults on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi, killing four Americans, among them our young and dedicated U.S. ambassador. Yet not only has this administration failed to do what it so solemnly promised –- to find the guilty attackers and bring them to justice –- it now appears to be stonewalling any investigation into that unsolved tragedy. Nor is it a matter anymore of shoving it onto the back burner. The object, in yet another election year, is to consider it over and done with –- and to “move on.”  “Moving on” is a phrase Democrats use when they can’t solve a...(Read Full Post)