Memorial Day: Two Vets and a Gold Star Mom

The Story of Welcome Home Brother I can only conclude that a miracle prevented me from going to Vietnam.  It was 1969, and I was in the U.S. Army stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC.  Upon returning from my home in Maryland after a two-week leave, I learned that my entire battalion had orders for Nam.  There were two exceptions: myself and another soldier.  God had a different plan for me. A few years ago, I wanted to record a musical tribute honoring Vietnam vets.  I asked Navy Vietnam vet Gerry Millholen to participate.  In the recording studio, Gerry began sharing the pain and suffering he and his fellow vets (brothers) endured upon returning home after serving in Vietnam.  False allegations against our troops touted by John Kerry were particularly painful. Gerry also lamented that, unique to Vietnam vets, no one welcomed them home.  He said, “So, we greet each other with Welcome home, brother."  My music producer and I were...(Read Full Post)