Kevin Johnson's Laughable Lecture on Morality

We are living in a twisted world when corrupt, scandal-ridden politicians like Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Obama’s West Coast surrogate, parades in front of a microphone to lecture the country on morality. As liaison between the National Basketball Players Association and the NBA commissioner, Johnson has taken a lead role in the Donald Sterling media frenzy. Last Sunday Johnson said that players wanted the “maximum” punishment for Sterling. From USA Today: The lifeblood, the spirit and the texture of everything we do is about the fans.  And when we behave and have reprehensible comments that are offensive not just to players, but to society, that’s not acceptable.  There has to be zero tolerance in that and every owner, they understand that.” We have been taught that this is bigger than basketball – our conduct and what we do day in and day out.  It’s bigger than basketball.  We have an obligation to...(Read Full Post)