How the ACLU made vote fraud legal

A research report I've been working on for months was just published at Accuracy in Media. This report looks at voter fraud from a unique angle: Democrat efforts to make it legal. Yes they have done that, with a fair amount of success, enough, in fact to swing close national elections in their favor.

Decades ago, the ACLU brought a lawsuit challenging New Hampshire's right to deny out-of-state students the right to vote in New Hampshire. At that time, NH was reliably conservative, but the ACLU saw, correctly, that one way to change this would be to let out-of-state students, who generally vote Democratic, to vote in state. They come to New Hampshire in large numbers, frequently from states like Massachusetts, where their votes are not needed. The lawsuit was an obvious set up. A Dartmouth student from Hawaii went directly to election officials, telling them he intended to leave NH upon graduation and wanted to know if he could vote in-state. They very reasonably said "no," so, with ACLU backing, the student launched a class action lawsuit in federal district court "for all students."

The ACLU lawsuit has made this legal in all 50 states for students. Democrats now advertise "vote in those states where your vote will count." But it is yet another demonstration of the ACLU's serial abuse of our legal system. The ruling has created a special classification of citizen for students. They can vote out-of-state as long as they declare the state where they are attending school as their "home," "residence," or "domicile." Definitions vary by state, but you can see the problem. How can out-of-state students be treated as in-state for voting, while their "domicile" is clearly somewhere else?

In swing states like New Hampshire, Ohio, North Carolina and Colorado, this can have a significant impact. For example Ohio State University's Columbus campus houses almost 20,000 out-of-state students. They are licensed to drive elsewhere, pay taxes or have parents pay taxes elsewhere, would be called for jury duty elsewhere, and will not be impacted long term by who is elected at the state and local level. Yet they can vote in enough numbers to determine the outcome of local, state and even national elections. This is wholesale voter disenfranchisement.

New Hampshire is now a swing state, at least partially because the many out of state students at Dartmouth, UNH and other schools can vote in-state with impunity. Republicans tried to change this unique student classification when they took over the legislature in 2010. They forced students to really become in-state residents by abandoning their home states, registering drivers’ licenses, etc., in NH. ACLU sued again, judge-shopping until they found a judge willing to rule their way. The judge created an entirely new category of domiciliary for students as "mobile domiciliaries."

All of this stands common law and common sense on its head, yet it is never too insane when it serves the Left's unethical efforts to steal power. They know they could never get it legitimately.

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