A Democratic Congressman Wants to Beef Up Border Security: In Mexico

In a development sure to cause a lot of eye rolling in this country, News Radio Station WOIA in San Antonio reports that Mexico is forming its own border patrol. They plan to use this force to help patrol both their northern and southern borders with an emphasis on the south. With its economy improving, Mexico is experiencing an influx of illegal immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador. Many of these Central American immigrants have, as their ultimate destination, the United States but others choose to remain in Mexico.

Mexico frequently complains about the treatment of undocumented Mexican immigrants by the United States and, for all intents and purposes, has taken the position that American immigration laws and border concerns are irrelevant. For their part, however, Mexico’s treatment of illegal immigrants from Central America is far harsher than ours and more than one Mexican president has openly said, without embarrassment, that they do not hold themselves to the same standard of behavior in dealing with their illegals that they hold the United States.

This hypocrisy aside, an interesting facet of this story is that U.S. Rep Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) is supporting Mexico’s plan to develop their own border patrol and is going so far as to push for U.S. funding for the project. His theory is that both countries can benefit from more secure borders. The fact is lost on Rep. Cuellar, however, that the reason Mexico has not developed their own border force before is due to the endemic corruption within past agencies that tried to do the same thing. Why Rep. Cuellar would think that infusing American taxpayer money into the project would prove any more successful is not addressed by the good congressman.

There seems to be no limit to the number of foolish efforts that politicians can find to waste money. Pouring millions of taxpayer dollars into building another corrupt agency in Mexico to join their police and armed forces, what could go wrong?

Victor Keith writes from Burbank, California and can be contacted at victorakeith.com