Federal bureaucrats don't get fired for serious misbehavior

Federal employees get enviable pay and perks, especially retirement benefits that are unthinkable these days for most private sector workers. But perhaps the biggest perk of all is job security, near-immunity from getting fired no matter how serious the misconduct. There is a convincing pattern of tolerance of misconduct that is bound to produce more misbehavior in the absence of fear of losing one’s job. Jim McElhatton reports in the Washington Times: A program analyst at the Department of Housing and Urban Development spent up to three hours a day for five years working on private business deals — including once arranging to supply lap dancers for a private party — while he was supposed to be doing government work. Another HUD employee — an auditor — was investigated for running a trucking business from her government office, according to investigative records obtained by The Washington Times. In both cases, the investigators...(Read Full Post)