Death of the Dollar Menu shows Fed's Wage Erosion

“Got a buck? you’re in luck!” This jingle was a staple for you ever since your parents started giving you an allowance. At the time, you got maybe $5 a week to spend or save as you pleased. Although this was a fortune as far as you were concerned, a fiver tends to evaporate quickly, and your snack options were limited. One of the few exceptions to this was McDonalds.  For just a dollar and change you could get a double cheeseburger or even hot fudge sundaes. Fast forward 5 years. You’re paying a lot for college, so the Dollar Menu is still a frequent order for you. It’s changed now:  the sundae is gone, and the double cheeseburger has been replaced with a “McDouble” featuring fewer pickles and less cheese. Today, the Dollar Menu is dead.  They say it’s the Dollar Menu “and more” but the only “more” is going into the cash register.  Even the substandard McDouble has been hiked...(Read Full Post)