Coming soon: Interstate highways to become toll roads

How should we fund 47,000 miles of interstate highway maintenance? As it stands now, we have the Highway Trust Fund which gets its money from the 18 cent federal gas tax. But the tax hasn't been raised since 1993 and a combination of inflation and more fuel efficient cars has the government scrambling to find a way to keep the Trust Fund solvent. There have been goofy ideas - including putting a device in every car in America so that the government can keep track of your driving, charging everyone by the mile driven rather than taking the tax out at the gas pump. The idea never got off the ground and was buried after NSA revelations of government snooping. Lord knows what the government would put in that device. But the problem remains. These highways were built with tax dollars from Washington. But if Washington won't maintain the roads, who else but the states can do it? And the most sensible way for states to maintain the interstate is to turn them into toll...(Read Full Post)