1981: We almost lost Pope John Paul II

Do you remember what you were doing when you got the news that John Paul II was shot?  I was working for a US company in Mexico City and my desk phone rang:  It was my mother from Dallas telling me that John Paul II had been shot in Rome.  It was an eerie feeling.  She had called me weeks before:  "Reagan was shot" said my mom. I walked out of the office and saw people filling up churches to pray for the Pope.  I remember several nuns in tears praying the rosary.  The Spanish news reports were very grim.  I found the Voice of America and BBC in my little short wave radio and heard flashes from the Vatican. Several people in the office turned on the TV and we watched the video of the shooting for the first time.   As with President Reagan, the early reports were confusing.  There were unconfirmed stories that the Pope had been killed. I remember turning to a senior partner in the...(Read Full Post)