Time for a little Koch jiujitsu on Democrats

Harry Reid’s jihad against the Koch Brothers has already yielded a hilarious video compilation (by the Free Beacon) of his 134 mentions of their name. But now with new information, his Koch addiction can become a potent tool in the hands of Republicans. Call it karma, if you like, but the former boxer now leading the Senate majority has left himself wide open. It turns out that Koch Industries employees and PACs have donated to quite a large number of Congressional Democrats. The data was right there on Open Secrets when Jeff Dunetz of Truth Revolt picked it up and posted in table form the honor roll of Koch money recipients among Harry Reid’s tribe: In typical blogosphere manner, the table spread to Weasel Zippers, PJ Media, and then Instapundit, where Glenn Reynolds realized the electoral gold. He suggested (in his trademark all-caps): “I SUGGEST RUNNING THIRD-PARTY ATTACK ADS TO ENCOURAGE DEM VOTERS TO STAY HOME.” Brilliant! The ads...(Read Full Post)