The conservative boomlet for Elizabeth Warren

Some highly-respected conservatives are taking the opportunity of Elizabeth Warren’s current book tour for A Fighting Chance to have fun, pushing the notion that she could actually win the Democrats’ nomination in 2016 and be a more formidable candidate than Hillary Clinton. Byron York and William Jacobson  adduce a number of reasons for the Massachusetts freshman senator to contest the nomination. York lists these factors: 1. Life is unpredictable. Clinton will be 69 years old on inauguration day 2017, nearly the oldest president ever. She has had a few health scares. By all accounts, she left her previous four-year stint in government service exhausted. She might not run, and the Democrat in second place in the polls, Vice President Joe Biden -- 74 on inauguration day -- is too old to be president. Beyond them, Democrats have nobody -- except Elizabeth Warren. 2. Parties need competition. The primary process isn't just to allow voters...(Read Full Post)