More from "The Race Files"

There really should be files titled "If A Republican Said This," or "If A White Person Said This," and of course, "If A White Republican Male Said This."  These files would overflow with racist, sexist, bigoted and/or just plain ignorant remarks said by Democrats, and/or people of a 'certain' color, and/or women or people of undetermined gender, and/or homosexuals, and/or those not practicing Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism.  But because these vile remarks are uttered by these protected sub groups, the basically liberal media doesn't report them or minimizes their impact.

As Mark Steyn notes in the disgraceful instance of Brandeis University uninviting black, African, female Ayaan Hirsi Ali, some of these sub groups are more protected than others. 

Which makes their decision the most explicit recognition yet that, in the hierarchy of identity-group politics, Islam trumps everything, including race, gender and secularism.

As reported here yesterday, Alabama's black male legislator Alvin Holmes (D), speaking about whites aborting their black babies or not adopting black children, would land in these overflowing files.

And now from the totally Democratic controlled Illinois state legislature, the most corrupt in the nation,, the very same corrupt legislative body where now President Barack Obama (D) once served and learned his legislative skills. But because a Democratic woman of Mexican descent uttered it--along with a forced, half hearted and truly unbelievable apology--it will be brushed aside.  And anyway, she said it "for the children" so her words are really commendable.  

Speaking against charter schools because she claims they are "segregated," State Rep Linda Chapa LaVia "turned to her fellow Democrats, waved her arms and said: "Listen to me, minorities. I'm over here because we're all over on this side of the aisle, right?"

As Republicans audibly protested, she pointed to their side of the room and said: "Wait! We have a half! We have a half!"

She was apparently referring to Republican Rep. John Anthony of Morris, who is biracial.

Stating her words were taken out of context (naturally), LaVia later offered this forced non apology apology.

"I want to deeply apologize to my side of the aisle over here, my colleagues, my brothers and sisters for my personality meltdown yesterday," she said.

"I deeply apologize for the words that came out of my mouth," she continued. "The tongue sometimes is the most dangerous part of somebody's body."

Ah, a tongue victim; this really isn't her fault, it is the fault of her apparently disembodied tongue which apparently is not connected to her brain.  And notice, she only apologized to her "side of the aisle over here, my colleagues, my brothers and sisters" not to those on the other side who apparently aren't her "colleagues, my brothers and sisters." 

The real fault must belong to "half" Anthony who betrayed his dual heritage by becoming a Republican.   

The "half" Anthony, who represents a small Illinois town and has Puerto Rican and black ancestors, forcefully responded in a prepared statement:

"While I appreciate Representative Chapa LaVia's apology, I would rather she reconsider her attempt to systematically dismantle the charter school system in Illinois."

Meanwhile, Illinois' state debt, caused by the lavish pensions owed to Illinois state workers and voted upon by Illinois state legislators--and yes, I mean you LaVia and Obama--remains among the highest in the nation.  Most of the Democratic state are Illinois' close competitors. The fault lies with those "half" Republicans obviously.