Dear Nancy: Why didn't you introduce immigration reform when you had majorities in the House?

Yes, the Democrats are into insulting our intelligence again.    The strategy is to wake up the 2012 voters by scaring them that it's all the GOP's fault!

Rep Pelosi, the former Speaker, does not understand why the GOP will not bring up immigration.  This is what she said:

"“I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill,” the California Democrat told reporters at her regular weekly press conference. “I’ve heard them say to the Irish, ‘If it were just you, this would be easy.’”

Maybe someone should have asked Rep Pelosi a simple question:  Why didn't you bring up an immigration reform bill in 2009-10?  

Was race a factor in your decision NOT to bring up anything for a vote?

At some point, these "race card" Democrats need to be challenged with some direct questions.   

The fact is that we had a Democrat President, Senate and House verbally committed to immigration reform BUT did nothing about it!

Lots of "si se puede" speeches but "NADA" (or nothing) as far as results are concerned.

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