Judge Hammers San Diego County Zoning Against Church

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) announced that on April 9th their client, the Gutay Christian Fellowship Church, finally won its six-year litigation battle with the County of San Diego.  The ruling forced reversal of the County’s action in zoning the church property “many years ago -- and unknown to the church -- as a country-western bar.” The County had been accruing civil and criminal penalties of $2,500 a day against the rural community church that racked up to the preposterous amount of $5,475,000. PJI affiliate attorney Pete Lepiscopo said “We’re extremely pleased with this positive outcome.”  PJI President Brad Dacus from his offices at Trinity Law School in Santa Ana simply added, “Our nation needs more churches, and governments not standing in their way.” Gutay is an unincorporated mountain community located at 3,999 feet in the Mountain Empire area of southeastern San Diego County....(Read Full Post)