Is a Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine inevitable?

Ominous signs are appearing in Ukraine and Moscow that could mean that a Russian invasion is imminent. Putin has broken off communications with the White House, while Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel can't raise anyone in the Russian government. Russian troops on the border with Ukraine continue to "pulse" - drive toward the border and then stop. Russian fighter planes have violated Ukrainian air space. And the BBC is reporting that both sides in Eastern Ukraine think a Russian invasion "inevitable": There is no sign of de-escalation in eastern Ukraine, according to the BBC's Natalia Antelava who has been in Donetsk and Slaviansk. She told BBC World News that tension was very high, with armed men patrolling the streets, and that her team had been held at gunpoint. Locals on both sides felt a sense of "inevitability" of a Russian invasion, she continued, and there was "a real fear" that there would be a clash. She said she...(Read Full Post)