Inflation-adjusted newspaper print advertising revenues now below 1950 levels

Can you say “dying industry”? How about “creative destruction”? You are reading this news on a digital platform, and that is, in short, why the newspaper industry, not so long ago the monarch of news dissemination in the United States, is on the way out. Well, to be more accurate, actually Craigslist is even more important, having decimated classified advertising, by far the most lucrative market of the traditional newspaper, and now a rapidly fading memory. How ironic that a website with a peace logo is destroying the mainstay of the left-leaning mainstream media. Mark Perry has been keeping track of the newspaper industry for the American Enterprise Institute, and his latest report makes fascinating reading. First, the compelling graphical representation of the data he offers: Note that data began being collected in 1950, so today's data are actually the lowest in history. Further note that in 1950, the poulation of the United States was about...(Read Full Post)