How do you say 'it's the economy, stupid,' in Spanish?

This is one of those stories that you do not want to believe.  After all, how can President Pena-Nieto of Mexico be slumping in polls?  Isn't this the man who's just pulled off some rather amazing reforms?  Haven't pundits and columnists praised this man for his ability to tackle problems, specially the "sacred cows" of modern Mexico? Yes, President Pena-Nieto is down in the polls, as reported by The Washington Post: "Plenty of world leaders would be thrilled to have the kind of executive hot streak blazed by Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto during his first 16 months in office.  In that short span, he and his administration have steered more than a dozen major new laws through congress, overhauling the country’s energy, banking and education sectors, among others.   Peña Nieto has stood up to powerful interests from Mexico’s business world and underworld. He has locked up drug lord...(Read Full Post)