Can Steve Colbert be funny without mocking conservatives?

Word from CBS entertainment exec Nina Tassler that when he takes over for David Letterman, Comedy Central's Steve Colbert will not use his conservative alter ego in his new gig. We’ve been hearing that Colbert will drop his conservative Colbert Report character, is that correct? Tassler: Correct. While he’s been doing a talk show for years, he’s been doing it in character. Was there any concern about how he will come across as himself, since that’s pretty untested? Tassler: He’s done some limited speaking engagements [as himself]. When you really have such admiration for somebody’s talent, intelligence, and satiric ability, you know there’s a gifted performer there. Dave’s shoes are very big to fill, and we believe Stephen will honor Dave’s legacy in terms of his ability and intellect. [...] Colbert is pretty liberal politically, some conservatives don’t like him. Was that a concern? Tassler:...(Read Full Post)