Removing Maduro may be the only way to save Venezuela

The big news from Caracas is that 3 generals were arrested in Venezuela: "The unidentified generals were in contact with opposition politicians and "were trying to get the Air Force to rise up against the legitimately elected government," Maduro told a meeting of South American foreign ministers. "This group that was captured has direct links with sectors of the opposition and they were saying that this week was the decisive week," Maduro said. The stunning disclosure -- the first known significant threat from within Maduro's government -- comes amid a growing crackdown on the president's opponents after more than six weeks of street protests that have left at least 34 dead." My guess is that they won't be the last 3 to get such an idea!  I have to believe that there are many Venezuelans in the armed forces who see what is going on in their country.  Venezuela is in chaos, as Rafael Osío Cabrices tells...(Read Full Post)