Obamacare: Arbitrary and Unfair

Superb article in the Wall Street Journal today by John C. Goodman president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, that pretty much destroys every argument Democrats are making to save Obamacare. A sampling: While the president and his party struggle to find more convincing reasons why we need ObamaCare, three huge problems won't go away. • An impossible mandate. For the past 40 years real, per capita health-care spending has been growing at twice the rate of growth of real, per capita income. That's not only true in this country; it is about the average for the whole developed world. Clearly, this trend cannot go on forever. So what does ObamaCare do about that? It limits the government's share of the costs while doing nothing to protect individuals or their employers. The law restricts the growth of total Medicare spending, the growth of Medicaid hospital spending and (after 2018) the growth of federal tax subsidies in the health-insurance...(Read Full Post)