Missing plane coverage an endless stream of speculation

Like most of you, I feel horrible for the families of the passengers in that Malaysian plane.  One of them is from our area,  Mr Phillip Wood.  He apparently visited his family a couple of weeks before the tragedy.  Mr Wood is a father and son.  We send our sympathies to his family. The interest in the story is natural because so many of us fly.  We understand the vulnerabilities of air travel.  In fact, a friend's daughter had taken that same flight two days earlier. However, the story has gotten out of control - a perfect storm of news outlets that want more and more "breaking news" segments. My problem with the coverage is that we are just watching speculation.  There is very little information.  We don't really know what happened in the cockpit or whether it was a mechanical problem. Nobody really knows.  So why so much speculation about this or that?   My friend Bill...(Read Full Post)