McCain least popular senator in the country

Senator John McCain, GOP nominee for president in 2008, is the least popular Senator in the country, according to a PPP poll:

PPP's newest Arizona poll finds that John McCain is unpopular with Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike and has now become the least popular Senator in the country. Only 30% of Arizonans approve of the job McCain is doing to 54% who disapprove. There isn't much variability in his numbers by party- he's at 35/55 with Republicans, 29/53 with Democrats, and 25/55 with independents, suggesting he could be vulnerable to challenges in both the primary and general elections the next time he's up.

McCain trails in hypothetical general election match ups with both 2012 nominee Richard Carmona (41/35) and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (42/35). He would lead though in a match up with former Governor Janet Napolitano, 44/36. This has the potential to be an interesting one in 2016.

-The Presidential race in Arizona in 2016 could be interesting as well. Hillary Clinton narrowly trails Jeb Bush (45/44), but leads Chris Christie (44/41), Rand Paul (46/43), and Mike Huckabee (47/41). Arizona could finally reach its long anticipated battleground status this cycle.

Ted Cruz leads the Republican primary field in the state with 16% to 14% for Rand Paul, 12% for Chris Christie, 11% each for Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush, 8% each for Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, 4% for Marco Rubio, and 2% for Bobby Jindal. This is the best poll showing we've found for Cruz in a long time- he leads based on his strength with 'very conservative' voters, among whom he gets 22%.

Unless there's a radical turnaround in those numbers, McCain will not run for re-election in 2016. This is just as well. His time is passed. He's an anachronism who should be put out to pasture.

Having said that, his tenure in office has seen some of the most dramatic events in World history. He served his country heroically, And he was in the forefront of every major defense and foreign policy debate over the last 35 years - usually on the right side.

McCain may have fallen out of favor with most Republicans, but whatever you might think of him, he has served the country faithfully to the best of his ability and will retire a senior statesman of the Republican party.

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