Mayor de Blasio has a Twisted need to Punish the Rich

Mayor de Blasio is not interested in children’s getting a better education.  If he were, he would endorse the charter schools and allow Cuomo to fund them.  But he couldn't care less about quality education – otherwise, why turn against the charter schools that are educating minorities better than any of the other schools?

De Blasio’s whole desire is to tax the rich.  He has some twisted need to punish them.  He has the communist hatred of wealth. 

He is a man who emotionally identified with the communists when he traveled to Cuba, Russia, and Nicaragua.  He is a big supporter of the most failed, repressive system of government in history.  Maybe he should go to a charter school and get a political education himself.  Maybe he should stop paving our highway to hell with his naïve best intentions. Maybe he should turn from his utopian wishes and face the pragmatics of reality.

De Blasio has such a hatred for free enterprise that he would rather see minority children get miserable educations than support their superior charter school educations through state funding without a tax hike.  He would rather lower us all to the common denominator than raise our children up to their potentials.  He does not support excellence.  He believes in the spreading fog of mediocrity.

Taxes, taxes, taxes.  All Big Bill wants to do is tax the rich.  Screw the quality of education.  Get the rich back for being rich. 

De Blasio is in bed with the unions and a former lesbian wife.  It’s time he stopped looking out for himself and his eccentricities and thought about helping the children and the common good.

There are peaks and valleys in an educational system.  De Blasio wants to press the students down into a valley of mediocrity.  Instead of the heights of Charter School inspiration, he would rather see a melting pot of failed-public-school boredom.

He pretends that he is interested in bettering our students’ lot while he confuses excellence with the redundancy of the average.

Big Bill doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism.  In fact, he promotes the average.  He wants intellectually destitute public schools rather than excellent charter schools. He is misguided.  He is made stupid by his left-wing ideology.

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