Is the IRS using a 'modified limited hang-out' strategy?

Two startling disclosures raise questions about the IRS strategy in handling the scandal over its singling out opponents of President Obama for extra scrutiny and obstruction of in granting tax-exempt status. Disclosure number one (from the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire): A former Internal Revenue Service official who declined to answer questions at a congressional hearing, citing the Fifth Amendment, gave a full interview to the Justice Department, her lawyer said. That’s raising questions among Republican lawmakers, who wonder whether her choice to talk to Justice reflects a lack of concern about the DOJ probe. They also question the propriety of letting her avoid questions by lawmakers when she is answering DOJ’s. The comments by Lois Lerner‘s attorney “cast further doubt on the seriousness of the Justice Department’s so-called investigation of IRS targeting, as well as the legal basis of Ms. Lerner’s refusal...(Read Full Post)