Is Henninger Right about the 'Carterization' of Obama?

In a March 5 Wall Street Journal piece, Deputy Editor Daniel Henninger asserts that "it's official. Vladimir Putin has turned Barack Obama totally into Jimmy Carter." Henninger goes on to compare Obama's foreign policy disasters (Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Ukraine – he actualy doesn’t mention Benghazi) to those of Jimmy Carter. He then quotes Reagan (talking about Carter) and avers that, like Carter, Obama manifests "weakness, inconsistency, vacillation and bluff in response to foreign threats"; thus causing "our allies to lose confidence in us and our adversaries to no longer respect us." [paraphrased ever so slightly]. In fact this theme, that Obama is as awful a president as Jimmy Carter, has been a thread woven through the narrative of many conservative writers (including yours truly) ever since BHO assumed the presidency.  And indeed, I believe that history will record these two naïve and unexpected...(Read Full Post)