Get Putin's attention by reviving the missile defense in Poland

President Obama is in Europe and finding confused allies.  Don't expect to see thousands at a rally as we saw in the summer of 2008. He does have one big card to play.  Of course, it would call on him to reverse a decision from 2009, or the days of the "reset" with Russia. Rebeccah Heinrichs, an expert on nuclear deterrence and missile defense got it right yesterday: "In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several public figures, most notably former Vice President Dick Cheney and Senator Ted Cruz, have called to resurrect a plan to build missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic that President Obama canceled in 2009. They’re on to something.   The proposed missile defense sites would have protected the U.S. and Europe from Iranian missiles. They were comprised of 10 large interceptors (think bullets) that were to be placed in Poland – too close, too big and too few to...(Read Full Post)