Does Russia Want Alaska Back?

Sarah Palin’s prescient assertion in 2008 that electing Barack Obama would embolden  Russia to take on sovereign countries like Ukraine certainly seems to have been on the mark.   Ironically, Tina Fey’s parody on "Saturday Night Live", taken for the truth about  Palin exclaiming that she can  see Russia from her house may also come true.  I just hope we don't all wind up seeing Russia from our window.

After the events in Ukraine this past week followed by President Obama’s lackadaisical response at a press conference Saturday and Palin’s original remark that Russia can be seen from “land here in Alaska,” a 2012 article from The Voice of Russia reads a bit more ominously.

Sergei Sayenko writes:

…the purchase of Alaska has been surrounded by numerous rumors and myths. Some say that the US did not pay Russia in full; others insist that Alaska was not sold but was leased for 99 years. There is also a belief that the purchase treaty had been repeatedly violated, so it can be contested these days. The purchase of Alaska once inspired a popular Russian pop-rock band Lyube to compose a humorous song called ‘Don`t be a fool, America, give us Alaska back’. The song reflects Russia`s worries about Alaska, although the text has some historical inaccuracies.

…It must be mentioned, however, that at the time when the deal was signed, many Russians regretted that Alaska was no longer theirs.

…In the 20th century large oil and gas fields worth hundreds of millions of dollars were discovered in Alaska. Since then the region has turned into an actively developing US state with the highest per-capita GDP in the nation.

…Probably, this is why Alaska remains a thorny issue for many Russians, with some people even suggesting taking the territory back. But one can hardly imagine Russia launching a war against the US over Alaska.

Maybe it is far-fetched to imagine Russia going to war with America over Alaska. But the events of the past few weeks in Ukraine with President Putin ultimately in charge of the outcome while our own President has announced cutbacks to the U.S. military budget is alarming.

When the commander-in-chief issues a stern “warning” to Putin on Saturday, and then heads to a Democratic fundraiser, Palin’s astute observation in 2008 over Obama’s lack of concern for Georgia’s independence is not only proven true but depressing as well.