Breaking: Investors Still Hate ObamaCare

President Obama is constantly trying to get people to "invest" their own money in enterprises that will provide well-paying jobs for the middle class, and he seems confounded by the unwillingness of entrepreneurs to do what he wants.  He views it as them being opposed to his policies, which translates constantly into the excuse put forth by his sycophants (or should that be spelled "psycho"-phants?) that racism is the real cause of their unwillingness to go along with their Dear Leader.

In point of fact, the resistance to Obama's policy prescriptions for restoring the health to the American economy is sourced by exactly the same rationale that confronted the old Soviet nomenklatura when they couldn't get Western industrialists to invest in Mother Russia.  Vladimir Putin faces the very same thing today.  But what is the source?  The lack of stable law and the existence of virulent cronyism.  When investors understand that whatever they create is subject to the whims of a dictator who views everything through the lens of politics, they tend to keep their money in their wallets and walk away.

Barack Obama is acting like a classic totalitarian dictator.  He has unilaterally changed, delayed, enhanced, or modified the Affordable Care Act many, many times.  No one will invest when one-sixth of a $14-trillion economy is controlled by the whims of a single man whose sole aim is directed by the politics of destruction.

No one will even want to work in that sector of the economy, since such people will have no job security.  How can there be job security when the job's very existence is dependent on a business existing to create the jobs in the first place?  Or even if the business currently exists, there is great and growing uncertainty as to how much longer it will remain in business.  How can anyone rationally invest to expand an existing business, much less start a new one from scratch?

Congress, the courts, and the average American voter all have to realize that as long as Barack Obama has the uncontested ability to rule, not govern, by whim there is absolutely no hope for any sort of economic recovery for the foreseeable future.

Jim Yardley is a retired financial controller and a two-tour Vietnam veteran.  He writes frequently about political idiocy, business and economic idiocy, and American cultural idiocy.  Jim also blogs at and can be contacted directly at