Big political corruption arrest in California

There are encouraging signs that the very corrupt Democrat political machine in the California state legislature may be finally getting exposed, indicted, and, God willing, destroyed.  The state of California is a corrupt banana republic, run by Democrats, and spending a yearly budget in excess of a hundred billion dollars a year. Evidently, the FBI and federal prosecutors have taken notice, and the arrest last month of powerful Democrat state Senator Ron Calderon was this morning followed by the indictment and arrest of another Democrat powerhouse, state Senator Leland Yee. Details are so far sketchy, as the arrest just took place. NBC Bay Area reports: California State Senator Leland Yee has been arrested on bribery and corruption charges as part of several arrests made by the FBI Wednesday morning during a sting, sources have told NBC Bay Area. Officers from the California Highway Patrol and Sergeant at Arms are at Yee's office in Sacramento, according to...(Read Full Post)