Against Social Liberalism

My conservative liberal friends brag that they are fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  Like being socially liberal is a sign of enlightenment, of liberal wisdom.  They do not realize that being socially liberal is not a mark of intelligence, but rather a failure to see that liberal social philosophy is more negative to society than liberal fiscal policy.  It is a wrecking ball against the foundation of traditional norms and customary habits and society as it is and should be.  Our cities are built on traditional values, not aberrations and clumsy perversions. Rick Santorum was hated by the liberals for being a social conservative.  They called him stupid.  But he was smart.  He saw into the future and recognized that a gay society would fail structurally, and the adopted children would run the risk of embarrassment and pedophilia. Bigoted liberals cannot see that social conservatism is the route to...(Read Full Post)