A great American hero died this week

US troops finally left Vietnam this week in 1973.   Many of us still remember the POWs, like John McCain, returning home after spending years in Hanoi.  Sadly, Vietnam fell to the communists two years later, in large part because the Congress cut the funding and let the North overrun the South.  One of those men getting off the POW plane in 1973 was Jeremiah A. Denton who passed away this week.   His story is worth sharing with all, especially the young: "In July 1965, a month after he began flying combat missions for the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, the Mobile native was shot down near Thanh Hoa. He was captured and recalled his captivity in a book titled “When Hell Was in Session.”   “They beat you with fists and fan belts,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 1979. “They warmed you up and threatened you with death. Then they really got serious and gave you something called the rope...(Read Full Post)