State Department 'goes MSNBC'

Imagine if a Republican president's State Department had featured a guest on a webcast available throughout the world who had used racial insults against leading black Democrat public officials. The cries of racism and demands for firings would be instantaneous. But that is exactly what the Obama State Department is doing. Jeryl Bier of the Weekly Standard writes: The State Department is presenting a global webcast on February 4, titled "From the Street to Mainstream: The Evolution of Rap/Hip Hop Music."  The host of the webcast, rapper and State Department Music Ambassador Toni Blackman, will be joined by Pras Michel, a founding member of the hip hop group the Fugees, to discuss "how rap and hip hop have increased social awareness of the African-American experience - and raised even broader issues in contemporary society."  Some of Michel's more inflammatory comments in the past raise questions about the appropriateness of his appearance with...(Read Full Post)