Obama's Usurpations

In the plays of Shakespeare, it is pretty obvious when a coup happens.  At a time when most of the political power was in a king, when one man deposes (or murders) a king and takes his place (as when Henry Bolingbroke usurps the throne of Richard II and reigns as Henry IV), that’s a coup. In the American system of government, in which political power is (or was) very widely dispersed, coups are much less obvious.  In fact, a total Coup d’état in the United States can only be the result of a long series of smaller, partial ones.  In Man vs. the Welfare State, Henry Hazlitt describes 20th century political developments in the United States as a series of usurpations: “As [the power of government] has increased, it has also become concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.  In America … the States [have lost power] to the Federal Government, and Congress to the President.” In the last 75 years, in no less real a way than...(Read Full Post)