No respect shown by Obama for Argentina

Let's be fair and admit that ambassadorships are often handed out to friends of the president. So I will cut President Obama some slack if he chooses a political friend to fill an ambassador's post. But not Argentina. Not today's Argentina. Senator Rubio and Mr. Noah Bryson Mamet, our future ambassador, had this incredible conversation: "SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Mr. Mamet, have you been to Argentina? NOAH BRYSON MAMET, NOMINEE: Senator, I haven't had the opportunity yet to be there. I travel pretty extensively around the world, but I haven't yet had the chance. RUBIO: Well, here's why I ask -- this is with all due respect. You have an impressive resume, work, and so forth. Obviously, we're interested in your testimony and what we learn in the days to come leading up the nomination, but I don't view this appointment as one -- I think this is a very significant post." Yes, it is a very important post.  There are two problems with this nomination: First, it...(Read Full Post)