Nemesis of the pretentious feminist left strikes again

The funniest, most satisfying read of the day has to be Zombie's delightful takedown of an attempt by feminists to hijack Valentine's Day and turn it into a celebration of victimology. On February 14, Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler had earlier decreed something called V-Day, a "rape-themed anti-holiday," but once the novelty wore off, came up with the new, improved 1 Billion Rising day. As Zombie put it in her article .00001 Billion Rising: Another Failed Mass Movement: The thesis behind 1 Billion Rising is that if the world's one billion rape victims all rose up en masse and danced every February 14, then rape would cease to exist because unicorns and rainbows. The lengthy photo essay is a sardonic and insightful report on the pretensions of the left in San Francisco, reporting what was said and showing what happened, with just the right degree of reflection from the standpoint of a sane person. We gathered in front of San Francisco's City Hall at 4...(Read Full Post)