Let the voters decide the fate of same-sex marriage

Another week and another judge telling us what he or she thinks of same sex marriage. 

The latest is a judge that has found the Virginia ban unconstitutional.

First, how can something be "unconstitutional" that isn't in the US Constitution?  Can anyone find the word "marriage" in the document?  I only find that word in state laws.  Unlike other countries, we do not issue a federal marriage license in the US.

Second, why are judges sticking their noses in anyway?  Who said that federal judges define what marriage is anyway?

My position on same sex marriage is that it should be decided by voters and state legislatures.

Why don't supporters of same sex marriage take their fight to the state legislatures?  Same sex marriage will have more legitimacy if voters or state legislatures make it the law.

The country is bitterly divided today. It would tear up the country even further to have a 5-4 Supreme Court decision ( a la Roe v Wade) making same sex marriage the law of the land. 

It would be very wise for the Supreme Court to return this to the states and let voters define marriage.

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