Is the GOP really going to pass immigration reform?

It is perplexing to watch the Republican leadership falling all over themselves trying to come up with an immigration reform plan that won't look like they've totally caved to the Democrats. But the ultimate question has to be "why?" Just because the Chamber of Commerce and a few other business groups are leanung on the GOP to get something done on immigration reform doesn't mean they should jump throught those hoops. The issue is far down the list of priorities according to the polls, where job creation is the #1 concern. Reihan Salam is asking the same question: One of the most curious political developments in recent memory is House Speaker John Boehner's decision to press for a new Republican immigration bill before addressing America's bona fide jobs crisis. Immigration reform is important. Many conservatives are convinced that unless the GOP deals with the challenges facing unauthorized immigrants who have been living and working in the country for years, it will...(Read Full Post)