I guess that # 45 will have to tackle entitlement reform

Let's add another campaign promise to the "no he won't" category.  I can't wait for hear how the "yes we can" screamers will spin this broken promise. 

Do you remember this one from 2007-08, or the "yes we can" days? 

On July 3, 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama said this:   

The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents - #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back - $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic."

We understand that President Obama's budget will avoid any tough decisions and kick the can forward, as The Washington Post correctly points out:

"With his party facing a battle to hold its Senate majority in November, Mr. Obama has apparently concluded that the expedient course is to bash Republicans rather than to resist bad policy ideas emanating from his own camp. In so doing, he has abdicated what little leadership on entitlement reform he had shown, making it much more likely that the problem will be left for his successor - contrary to Mr. Obama's repeated assurances, both as a candidate in 2008 and as president."

So I guess that # 45 will have to tackle the problem that # 44 just doesn't want to deal with.   

We understand politics, and specially helping his party overcome the Obama Care avalanche in November.  However, President Obama's unwillingness to get serious with our structural budget problems is very irresponsible.

So much for "we are the ones that we've been waiting for"!

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