Confirmed: Liberals Booze it Up More than Conservatives

A study by the Journal of Wine Economics (talk about a "niche" publication) proves something that we have long suspected: Liberals drink more than conservatives. What's more, worldwide studies have shown that socialists drink far more than righties. All of this makes perfect sense when you consider the extraordinary unhappiness that liberalism and socialism bring to the lives of ordinary humans. Think of the massive amount of alcohol -- specifically vodka -- consumed when Russia was Communist. In fact, excessive alcohol consumption was a hallmark of most Eastern European countries There were riots when Gorbachev tried to reduce alcohol consumption in the 1980's. I guess when there's not much to do where you aren't assaulted with socialist propaganda, vodka seems a suitable entertainment. But here in America, the more liberal a state becomes, the more its people booze it up. The Week: A sobering new study published by the Journal of Wine Economics - yes, there is a...(Read Full Post)