Another Kennedy seeks plea deal

The descendants of Joseph P. Kennedy are regarded as something of an American Royal Family, partaking in a glamour that still thrills many buyers of supermarket rack magazines. But they also have piled up a series of scandals to match their media prominence. The latest example is Kerry Kennedy, who is also the ex-wife of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, author of the notorious "not welcome here" fatwa against believers in the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life. The UK Daily Mail headlines:   Kerry Kennedy 'set to admit leaving the scene of an accident so she avoids drug charge over car crash' Kerry Kennedy faces a misdemeanor driving while under the influence of drugs charge She is accused of taking sleeping pills before colliding with a tractor trailer and fleeing the scene of the accident Kennedy is considering the plea deal over worries a conviction would hamper her humanitarian mission travels   Kennedy is a very active "humanitarian":   The former wife of...(Read Full Post)