Yes, it looks like 2014 will be bad for Democrats

On one hand, I hate thinking that something is in the bag because it often isn't. Don't you remember the one about Romney winning in 2012 and that Senate majority?  

So let's get the "27 outs" before we celebrate. 

Nevertheless, the landscape looks bad for Democrats in 2014, as Ed Rogers posted:

"We take fleeting comfort in the occasional economic indicator that isn't awful, but the reality is that growth is stagnant, at best, with gross domestic product growth likely to remain between only 2 percent and 2.5 percent. And more than 23 million American households - 20 percent - rely on food stamps. The Washington Examiner published part of a memo by Wall Street adviser David John Marotta, who reminds us that, "officially reported unemployment numbers decrease when enough time passes to discourage the unemployed from looking for work." And "discouraged" seems to describe how many Americans feel. Marotta also calculated that the misery index - today's true unemployment rate plus the true inflation figure - is 14.7 percent, the worst in 40 years.  

And Obamacare is not making things better. There are plenty of commentators on the left who want to declare that Obamacare has taken root, is working and is here to stay. But so far, the data the administration has released about Obamacare enrollments suggest that people are signing up because their insurance policies - the ones they liked and were told by the president they could keep - were canceled because of Obamacare. Yesterday, in what seems to be a growing trend, we learned that Target no longer will offer health insurance to its part-time workers. This is just another example of how Obamacare is not only failing in its goal of providing health insurance to the estimated 45 million Americans who don't have it, but is, for the time being, increasing the number of uninsured Americans."

The problem of the economy can not be underestimated, especially following the last jobs report.   I would add a couple of sleeper issues, such as "foreign policy" and the whole question of incompetence in the Obama administration.  

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