Yes, it looks like 2014 will be bad for Democrats

On one hand, I hate thinking that something is in the bag because it often isn't. Don't you remember the one about Romney winning in 2012 and that Senate majority?   So let's get the "27 outs" before we celebrate.  Nevertheless, the landscape looks bad for Democrats in 2014, as Ed Rogers posted: "We take fleeting comfort in the occasional economic indicator that isn't awful, but the reality is that growth is stagnant, at best, with gross domestic product growth likely to remain between only 2 percent and 2.5 percent. And more than 23 million American households - 20 percent - rely on food stamps. The Washington Examiner published part of a memo by Wall Street adviser David John Marotta, who reminds us that, "officially reported unemployment numbers decrease when enough time passes to discourage the unemployed from looking for work." And "discouraged" seems to describe how many Americans feel. Marotta also calculated that the misery...(Read Full Post)