When Government Breaks the Law

Rick Moran writes about 11 GOP state attorneys general who called President Obama's "fix" of Obamacare "illegal."  It is heartening that some GOP officials with credentials in the law used "illegal" to describe Obama's acts.  That word has more power than "above the law," "lawless," "rule of law," etc. Many within the GOP, even conservatives, remain in a linguistic coma about government lawbreaking.  Some still don't even use "unconstitutional" to describe Obama's acts.  Senator Tom Coburn had an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal referring to Obama's "unilateral, extralegal action."  Bleh.  A hunter's "visiting nature" in the woods is a unilateral, extralegal action. In reporting on the AGs charges of illegal conduct by Obama, Human Events substitutes "unlawful" in the headline:  "Attorneys General denounce unlawful ObamaCare 'fixes.'"  Meanwhile, even Huffington Post accurately uses "illegal" in its headline:  "11 GOP Attorneys...(Read Full Post)