Wendy Davis, unmasked

It is not exactly a surprise that the latest feminist political icon, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, turns out to be a phony and an exploiter.  Davis, you may recall, rocketed to progressive superstardom by conducting an ultimately futile filibuster on a bill tightening health regulations on abortions after 20 weeks of gestation when the life of the mother is not in peril. The fact that Davis is an attractive blond and speaks fairly well in public was enough to gladden the heart of the pro-abortion faction, eager to find a champion who can be packaged as an inspiring profile in courage. She has already raised $12 million for her campaign for governor, tapping into the victimology cult among wealthy feminist women. Davis has presented a life story to voters that portrays her as inspiring up-from-the-bottom success story, the first member of her family ever to go to college, a young mother, and a brilliant academic success who made her way to Harvard Law School. But this...(Read Full Post)