Wendy Davis is more tone deaf than Joe Biden

Shades of "Stand-up, Chuck!" What Wendy Davis says about here exaggerated and misleading campaign biography. I am proud of where I came from and I am proud of what I've been able to achieve through hard work and perseverance. And I guarantee you that anyone who tries to say otherwise hasn't walked a day in my shoes." This is what many people don't know about her likely opponent, Texas Attorney General, Republican Gregg Abbott. Abbbott congratulates graduate after delivering the commencement address at Sam Houston State University in May, 2010. Abbott has been in a wheelchair for the last 30 years.  He was 26 when an oak tree fell on him in a freak accident when took a break from studying for the bar exam and when out for a jog with his roommate.  The tree severed his spine. He initially was taken to a hospital unable to treat that type of injury. That meant another transport, to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where surgeons found bone fragments lodged in his broken...(Read Full Post)