Water is the Weather Wildcard

The climatists claim that atmospheric carbon dioxide drives global warming. But the past seventeen years of rising CO2 without rising global temperatures shows this is untrue. So now they say that carbon dioxide causes wild weather. This too is untrue. Water covers over 70% of the globe, is about 50 times more abundant than CO2 in the atmosphere and it is a far more effective "greenhouse gas". There can be no rain, snow, hail, ice or floods without water. And the absence of water produces deserts and droughts. It is water vapour that maintains the energy of storms, cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons. And it is water, not carbon dioxide, which plays a crucial role in the feared climate tipping points. During periods of global warming, water plays a mainly moderating role. As oceans, seas and lakes are warmed by solar radiation, water drives three cooling feedbacks. Firstly, increased evaporation cools the surface water and the adjacent atmosphere. Secondly, the moist warm air...(Read Full Post)