The Left's Necessary Lie

The debates over Obamacare seem to be, like Ben Franklin's death and taxes, the only certainties in our lives. This has clearly been the case since Inauguration Day, 2009. Yes, President Obama called for an immediate "stimulus" of nearly $1 Trillion to prime the pump, to create shovel-ready jobs. We never heard that phrase shovel ready before Mr. Obama employed it. And, within the first two years after passage of the huge stimulus bill, the president himself acknowledged there was no such thing as shovel ready jobs. But let's move on, as the Left is forever urging us. Let's not "re-litigate" the past. You may have noticed that even when you are not meeting them in court, even when you are not having to sue them to defend your basic constitutional freedoms, the Left says you are trying to "re-litigate" the past every time you suggest that they might be held accountable for anything they said or did yesterday. Here is something to talk about from today, right now. Noam...(Read Full Post)