The late Adelfa Callejo was a Dallas legend

Once upon a time, liberals and conservatives could sit down, disagree and still walk away with a smile.  Unfortunately, our politics today is so toxic that it's tough to discuss politics without people calling you a racist or something else. Back in 1984, I met Adelfa Callejo at a Hispanic political meeting in Dallas.  We had a very pleasant chat and I came to admire her life story and work in the area.  I found that she could disagree with people without being disagreeable. We learned that Adelfa Callejo died. She was 90 and suffering from cancer, according to a front page story in The Dallas Morning News: "Callejo eventually became a bilingual secretary by day and an SMU student by night.   For a time, she lived in California. There, she began an export-import business and found herself competing against a New Yorker with a Puerto Rican background. Within a year, Adelfa Botello married Bill Callejo.  The couple lived...(Read Full Post)