The GOP House should pass a modest immigration proposal

We hear that the GOP House is looking at an immigration set of principles rather than formal legislation, according to a report from Byron York: "As far as what GOP leadership will propose, the strategist says it's not likely to be anything in particular. "It's not being presented as 'Here's a plan we want you to endorse," the strategist says. "It's more along the lines of, 'Here are some options. Is there any consensus around them?"" We need more than a "set of principles." We need for the House to pass a bill and send it to the US Senate. Let me start by saying that I'm not calling for amnesty, as happened in 1986 under President Reagan, or a comprehensive package like McCain-Kennedy circa 2006-7. I am simply calling on the GOP to take the long view and pass something along these lines: a) Border security; b) Very tough employer sanctions; and, c) A path to legalization for the youngsters, or "dreamers". My proposal does not do anything about the 10-12 million...(Read Full Post)